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The CAPTURE light is the world's first LED light to use the amazing properties of Graphene. Compact, lightweight and versatile, the Capture is designed for use with action cameras and as a general lighting solution.

The Capture project is fueled by a need for continued exploration into the night, and the increasing desire to record the adventure which is made ever easier through advancing Action camera technology and innovations such as drones.

Over the years Exposure have spent a lot of time filming, most often with inappropriate lighting, trying to ‘capture a product’ or simply ‘acting the hero’. From ocean voyages to skate parks, they all require a lightweight, tough, waterproof light to match and support the functionality of your film setup.

In the box: Capture, Micro USB charge cable, Bracket, Bolt, Quick start guide




It is very important that LED’s are run at as low a temperature as possible, this optimises the output from the LED and power from the battery.

Effective heat dissipation with metal is reasonably easy and we have good experience with aluminium. However, even aluminium is relatively heavy and we knew that the lighter we could make the Capture the more useful it would be.

We turned to a new developing sector of materials technology that offer the heat transfer properties of aluminium but with the weight and design possibilities of thermoplastics. We carried out extensive trials with different materials from many suppliers but we never achieved the characteristics we needed.  Strength and toughness could be obtained and good thermal transfer but never in the same material.  Also many were virtually impossible to successfully mould.






Connecting the light is one of the most important elements behind our design. We know there is more to the world than GoPro but when it comes to attachments, and attachments that most people have the simple double prong bracket works both effectively and universally.

The Capture has been designed to fit any existing double prong brackets or slide in next to the Camera itself

Additional brackets are available for:

- Double setup for 1200 lumens of light. - ¼ inch camera tripod mount to attach the capture to any tripod compatible camera. - Capture Dive arm with 3 high selection to eliminate back scatter glare and shadowing underwater. - Hot Shoe mount to place the Capture on top of any DSLR camera. - Ball bracket to attach the capture to existing dive camera lighting rigs. - Mobile phone




The Capture will be able to offer 600, 400, 200 and 75 lumens for 35, 60, 120 and 340 minutes respectively.

After which you can either charge the battery in the housing or swap it over with any GoPro Hero 4 compatible batteries, which is handy if you are in the middle of nowhere and filming.

The OLED screen displays the balance selected between the spot and wide beams.

The user can select how the power is distributed to either Lens. For example, the full 600 lumens can vary from:

600 Spot and 0 Wide to 500S - 100W,  400S - 200W, 300S - 300W, 200S - 400W, 100S - 500W, or 0S - 600W.