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The Action3 20 - 2000 lumen dive light is designed as the perfect all round light with a 20 degree beam which will effectively illuminate large areas whilst maintaining a soft spot in the middle for pinpointing or signalling.


- 3 x CREE XPL
- 2000 tested lumen
- 20⁰ beam angle
- 1 button control
- 3 brightness levels
- 120 minutes on full power
- Emergency Strobe Mode
- Patent pending Tap control
- OLED display for control and battery
- Aerospace Aluminium
- Marine grade anodising
- Through case USB charging
- 100m depth rating.

In the box: ACTION3 20 Dive Light, ergonomic neoprene wrist mount, neoprene storage case, USB charging lead with 110-240V plug adapter, Wrist lanyard, allen key and spare washer for wrist mount attachment, Exposure storage box.



Run Time:

High - 2hrs

Medium - 10hrs

Low - 24hrs


High - 2000

Medium - 150

Low - 50

Depth Rating:

IPX8 100 metres

Charge Time:

10 hrs


L-113mm x D-47mm




SURFACE mode explained

How do you use the positive switch?

On the surface simply double press the rear stainless steel button opposite the charge terminals, initially this will exit travel lock.  Once in SURFACE mode a single press will turn the light on to low mode.

How do you change power?

Press the stainless steel switch once to change the power mode.

Why is the switch not active underwater?

The switch is pressure sensitive so automatic deactivation eliminates accidental switching.

How do you turn the light off?

Press and hold the switch until the light turns off.



MOTION mode explained



What is the advantage of Motion control technology (MCT) over normal switches?

MCT makes the operation simple. The whole light becomes a switch which responds to a sequence of taps

How do you turn the light on using Tap control?

Tap the light firmly 2 times.

How do you change mode using Tap control?

Tap the light firmly once.

Can the tap sensitivity be adjusted?

Yes there are 3 sensitivity modes which depend on your personal preference.


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