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The XS100-B has been designed with tough features for easy grip when wet and to survive in the toughest environments on land, water or below the water. Versatile, tough and compact.

Why use a blue light?

- Blue wavelengths are commonly used for underwater fluorescence as it is considered better than black / UV light
- The XS100-B emits wavelengths at 455nm which is the most effective wavelength for  exciting fluorescent organisms
- Blue light offers the most vibrant and varied fluorescent experience available
- Fluoro diving has been referred to as a psychedelic underwater disco with neon lights, an experience not to be missed
- Fluorescence night dives reveal things that even during normal night dive remain invisible
- There are also plenty of fluorescent organisms in cold waters

**For a more vibrant experience it is advised to use the blue light alongside a yellow filter visor to cut out the blue light, only illuminating the fluorescing objects**

In the box: XS100-B torch, USB Charger, CR123 Recheargable Batteries x2, Cord, QS Guide

Important information regarding CR123 Charger Compatability



Run Time:

High - 1hr
Low - 10hrs



Depth Rating:

IPX8 100 metres11 Bar

Charge Time:

4 hrs


L-55mm x D-24mm




Blue Light Diving


- Water tight to 100M / 11 BAR

- The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to transport and to ensure you can have it easily to hand at all times
- Simple life-proof twist operation prevents mechanical switch malfunction
- High strength (tested to 5 metres), impact proof aluminium casing to ensure the XS100 will survive every drop that life throws at it
- Compatible with mounts for easy attachment onto wrist, existing lights, BCD or mask
- Compatible with headband for conversion into head torch
- USB charging for global compatibility
- Supplied with 2 x batteries for extended usage periods

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