Exposure Technologies Explained

Exposure Technologies Explained

All the technologies in our bike lights have been developed for one singular purpose: to provide Real Rider Benefits.


Reflex ensures you’ll always have the right amount of light for what’s ahead, without you having to think about changing modes.

The technology uses a gyroscopic accelerometer and thermistors to determine your speed and the terrain you are riding, multiple times a second. Ride fast and over rough terrain and the light boosts up instantly, go steady on a smoother surface and the light will lower its output accordingly.

Remarkably, the light calibrates to your maximum and minimum, so whether you’re a World Cup racer or prefer a leisurely pace, at your maximum speeds the maximum output will be the same.

It’s genius, so you don’t have to be!

Found in: Six Pack SYNC, Six Pack, MaXx-D SYNC, MaXx-D, Toro, Race


We can’t fit the necessary tech for Reflex into our helmet lights, so we’ve come up with the next best thing – TAP.

Ride with the light in a Medium or Low Mode when you’re cruising and then simply tap the body of the light to instantly change it into High Mode when you’re on the attack.

No need to find the button, no need to slow down!

Found in: Zenith, Diablo, Axis


AKTiv prevents dazzling other road users by automatically dimming the beam of the Strada when it detects on-coming light sources. The benefit is that you can be conscientious without having to think, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.

AKTiv uses fast-acting light sensors, which take multiple light readings a second to determine when a vehicle is approaching and ‘tell’ the light to reduce its output instantly.

Found in: Strada SB AKTiv, Strada RS AKTiv


Be seen in all conditions with a light that changes its brightness according to ambient light.

ReAKT uses sensors to take constant light readings and adjust output. For example, when you ride out into bright light from a shaded area, the light will flare up to maintain a contrast and make sure you’re noticeable.

ReAKT also flares up under braking, giving other road users an early warning that you’re slowing down.

Found in: Blaze ReAKT + Peloton, BoostR ReAKT + Peloton, TraceR ReAKT + Peloton


If you’re out riding in a group at night, you might find the rear light of the rider in front is off-putting. That’s why we developed Peloton, a technology that automatically dims the light when it senses a light source close behind.

It’s the perfect way to stay visible while not annoying following riders. Tell your friends.

Found in: Blaze ReAKT + Peloton, BoostR ReAKT + Peloton, TraceR ReAKT + Peloton


Through years of research and working with the British emergency services, we’ve found that what attracts and keeps people’s attention is not the brightness of a light, but the pattern of its flash.

DayBright is a carefully designed irregular pulse pattern that makes sure you get noticed on the road. Be Safe, Be Seen, Be DayBright.

Found In: Strada SB AKTiv, Strada RS AKTiv, Strada SB, Strada RS, Sirius, Link+, Link, Boost DayBright, Trace DayBright, Blaze ReAKT + Peloton, Blaze DayBright, BoostR ReAKT + Peloton, BoostR DayBright, TraceR ReAKT + Peloton, TraceR DayBright


SYNC lights have two customisable User Programs, so you can choose and store the modes and runtimes you need most often using the SYNC app on your phone.

With your choices set, you can then control up to two lights simultaneously from a Bluetooth remote switch, keeping your hands on the bars.

Found in: Six Pack SYNC, MaXx-D SYNC, Diablo SYNC

ITM (Intelligent Thermal Management)

Intelligent Thermal Management is used in all our lights to preserve the life of the LEDs. Our patented circuitry reduces power to the LEDs if they go beyond an optimum temperature, restoring that power once the temperature returns to normal.