Choosing the Right Lights

Choosing the Right Lights

Choosing a set of lights can be confusing but the main question to ask yourself is; ‘what type of riding do I do most?’


Our patented DayBright irregular pulse pattern was developed following our work with the emergency services and is much more eye-catching than a regular pulse.

ReAKT technology changes the light’s output according to ambient light conditions, ensuring a contrast that will make you stand out. It also flares up under braking, giving those around you an early warning that you’re slowing down.

Make sure you have a front and a rear light. Or consider our Link and Link+, which integrate the two.

Recommended: Sirius, Link+, Link, Boost DB, BoostR ReAKT + Peloton, BoostR DayBright, Blaze ReAKT + Peloton, Blaze DayBright Trace DayBright, TraceR ReAKT + Peloton, TraceR DayBright.


We have developed our Strada and Sirius lights to have a road-specific beam pattern, so you’ll see well down the road as well as having excellent peripheral vision.

The AKTiv models of the Strada will automatically dim when sensing on-coming car headlights, meaning you can be courteous without having to push a button. All variants are supplied with a wired remote, so you can perform this action manually.

If you often ride with others, you’ll want to avoid dazzling them when they follow close behind. Our Peloton technology has been developed for this reason and it automatically lowers the output of the rear light when a following rider (with lights on) pulls in behind you.

Recommended: Strada SB AKTiv, Strada SB, Strada RS AKTiv, Strada RS, Sirius, Link+, BoostR ReAKT + Peloton, Blaze ReAKT + Peloton, TraceR ReAKT + Peloton.


While our Strada lights have a road-specific beam pattern, our mountain bike bar lights have been optimised for use off-road, providing a broad spread of light than envelopes the front wheel, while lighting up the trail ahead and either side.

If you ride a mixture of terrain, we’d advocate choosing from our MTB bar light range and running it in a lower setting when on the road. A helmet light is recommended too.

Recommended: Toro, Race, Axis, Joystick, BoostR ReAKT + Peloton, BoostR DayBright, Blaze ReAKT + Peloton, Blaze DayBright Trace DayBright, TraceR ReAKT + Peloton, TraceR DayBright.


If you like to pedal, enjoy rolling hills and a bit of twisty singletrack but don’t like to carry too much weight, you’ll be well served by one of our lighter mountain bike handlebar lights and a helmet light to match.

The Race and Toro bar lights benefit from our Reflex technology, which automatically adapts the light’s output according to speed and terrain.

Having a helmet light helps when the trail gets more winding and is always useful in the event of a mechanical! The Joystick has been in our line-up for many years and is an ideal lightweight light for your lid. The Axis kicks out more lumens and also benefits from our TAP technology, allowing you to toggle between High, Medium and Low modes by tapping the body of the light.

Recommended: Toro, Race, Axis, Joystick.  


If ripping corners and picking fast lines over rocks and roots is your thing, then the MaXx-D and Six Pack bar lights are the ones to consider. The MaXx-D has long been a favourite among adrenaline-seeking mountain bikers, thanks to its broad and even beam pattern. The Six Pack conquers all, punching light far down the trail, while also illuminating the peripheral details.

Both have Reflex, so you can be sure you’ll have the right amount of light to suit the trail you’re on, without having to think.

A MaXx-D pairs perfectly with our Diablo helmet light, providing the visibility you need on twisty tracks. The Zenith is our zero-compromise helmet light, making it an ideal partner for the Six Pack. Both Diablo and Zenith have TAP technology, for effortless mode changes on the move.

Recommended: Six Pack, MaXx-D, Zenith, Diablo.


Adventure seeker? Bikepacker? Ultra endurance rider? All our handlebar lights run from 2 to 36 hours from a single charge. What differentiates them is their beam patterns, lumen outputs and weight.

If your adventures are exclusively on the road, the Strada SB AKTiv is the best choice, with it’s road-specific beam pattern, high output and AKTiv automatic dimming feature.

If you ride a mixture of terrains, look to our mountain bike handlebar range. The Race may have the lowest lumen output but it’s the lightest, at just 186g. The Toro puts out 1000 lumens more and weighs 236g. The MaXx-D steps up the brightness again and weighs 310g, while the brightest is the Six Pack, weighing in at 386g.

A helmet light is recommended for extra visibility, mechanicals and setting up camp. The Joystick and Axis are the lightest in the range, while the Diablo gives a lot of power for a helmet light.

For the rear, the BoostR ReAKT + Peloton can run for up to 48 hours and is the most versatile in its mounting options.

Recommended: Six Pack, MaXx-D, Toro, Race, Strada SB AKTiv, Diablo, Axis, Joystick, BoostR ReAKT + Peloton.